Dear Members and Trusted Servants,

Did you know there are 18 groups holding 60 NA meetings a week on the phone? The first teleconference meeting started in December 2008 as outreach to bring a meeting to a hospitalized member. Since then they have grown in popularity and diversity to meet the needs of many members: stay at home parents, driving professionals, those hospitalized or housebound due to injury, illness or age, victims of severe bad weather or anyone just wanting a change in the flavor of their local recovery. Teleconference meetings are a wonderful addition to a well-rounded recovery platform and can serve as life-saving outreach. However, they are not a replacement for face-to-face meeting attendance. Attend your local NA.

These outreach efforts can benefit many members so please spread the word. These are real NA meetings, but they are best as supplements to face-to-face meetings, never a replacement (no hugs). is an expression of loving service to Narcotics Anonymous by Historical Significance home group members. Our website provides a complete list of teleconference meetings where you can share recovery with members from across the country. Some meetings are recorded and available 24 hours a day. you will also find out more about Historical Significance, our LOL meeting, a speaker download page and a fun page with clean-time counter. We consistently change and update our site. We welcome any NA web site to link to provide up-to-date meeting information.

Loving Our Long-Timers (LOL) is a Wednesday speaker meeting featuring 30+ year Long-Timers sharing their experience, strength and hope (ESH). We record these speakers so our history can be preserved and shared. You can download our past speakers from the LOL page at We are always looking for new speakers and welcome volunteers and suggestions.

Please look at our website and share this information with our membership, especially those who would benefit most from these meetings. Attached is a printable meeting list. Please copy and distribute it. We honor Tradition 5 by carrying the message.

Thank you for your time.

In Loving Service,

Home Group Members of Historical Significance

Final Oct Print List Nitro